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Benjamin T. Moore, III


Provides theological and ecclesial vision and spiritual, institutional and administrative leadership in all matters pertaining to the institute. Focused on creating a cohesive community of faith, learning, formation and practice. Develops, creates and formulates ideas and concepts to bolster curriculum  and learning experience.


Academic Dean

Lisa M. Moore


Maintains congruency between the AMI’s board-approved mission statement and all academic activities. Acts as the academic leader of AMI, overseeing the academic advising and college counseling programs. Monitors student academic progress while coordinating the efforts of the academic affairs committee. Evaluates the faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum.




Faculty positions include a combination of teaching and administrative duties. Facilitate student learning, provide effective instruction, and perform evaluations of student learning for all assigned classes.  Participate in program level learning assessment including choosing and administering measures, evaluating student performance, and suggesting changes to improve student learning. Work within the faculty team and administration in developing program curriculum, standards, and policies. Assign grades to homework assignments.

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